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  1. Venus is a genus of small to large saltwater clams in the family Veneridae, which is sometimes known as the Venus clams and their relatives. These are marine bivalve molluscs. Venus clam. Temporal range: Elegant Venus clam, Pitar dione (Linnaeus, ).
  2. Oct 08,  · Venus Elegans – The Elegant Venus Bond walked the few steps down the beach and bent and picked up one of the shells. It was alive and the two halves were shut tight. It appeared to be some kind of a cockle, rather deeply ribbed and coloured a mauve-pink.
  3. Venus is named after a former fashion workshop called Venus Fashions, positioned on Elfort Road in leafy North London. Elfort Road is a quiet residential street a short walk from Arsenal Tube station. The house is perfectly positioned for the best of Highbury, Islington and neighbouring Stoke Newington.
  4. Sep 15,  · Transit of Venus is still my favorite of her books. Everything about the writing is elegant: the language, the moral architecture, the intellectual reach, the narrative structure. The sentences are.
  5. Venus with a Mirror depicts a very elegant Venus looking at herself in the mirror, as Cupid is reaching to place a crown upon her head. The position of her hand across her chest shows the sensual.
  6. Reception venues in Los Angeles. Dreamy palm trees and cotton candy-colored sunsets make Los Angeles a timeless place to tie the knot. This coastal city is a slice of paradise, offering picturesque waterfront views, hip city scenes and everything in between.
  7. Venus de Milo features five elegant ballroom spaces, cites for indoor and outdoor ceremonies and beautiful bridal rooms. We also have the most experienced maître d’s, a talented culinary team that delivers consistently great food, and a service team that knows how to spoil both you and your guests.
  8. Nov 26,  · On Venus, the atmospheric But there’s something elegant about picturing a world tens of millions of miles away when you glance up at that well-illuminated speck in the vast, empty darkness.

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