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  1. Many songs have a "bridge" section. A bridge is the point in the song that "bridges" the first part of the song to the last by way of introducing something new and different than the verses (see "Songwriting - The Verse"), and the choruses (see "Songwriting - The Chorus"). A bridge can be lyrical or musical, and will typically be comprised of a chord progression that is unlike the verses and.
  2. Jun 17,  · Swift had written great songs drawn from life before, but here she gave us a story of high school at its most archetypal: A sensitive underdog facing off with some prissy hot chick, in a battle to.
  3. Jun 07,  · A faster-paced number, but keeping the angry/emo feel from the previous track. Slash is let off the leash a little more here, adding a bit of flair to the generally hard punk sound. 7/ 6. Fall To Pieces: One of the two standout tracks on the album. A beautiful, gentle opening and quiet verses that gradually build to a huge bridge and chorus/5().
  4. Apr 24,  · The chorus’ skill, though, lies in its irony: As Macy mumbles and croons through the verses, the one part of the song she fully commits to -- vocally and emotionally -- is the chorus.
  5. Jun 16,  · 7 Years Lyrics: Once I was seven years old my momma told me / Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely / Once I was seven years old / It was a .
  6. Jan 12,  · The bridge is the part of the song that typically follows the second chorus, and it has a few reasons for existing. Chief among those reasons is the chance to leave the verse and chorus melodies and lyrics and introduce something new; it keeps the song sounding fresh.
  7. Nov 08,  · ‎Album · · 13 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.
  8. Verse Bridge and Choruses Defined. Chorus. The chorus is the repetitive part of the song that seems to catch your ear. The chorus lyrics give us the life of the song. The title of the song is almost always in the chorus. Bridge. bridge is rarely used in rap songs but you may come across one if .
  9. "The Present Tense" This song lavishes us with pleasant guitar and bass work, alternating between loud choruses and quiet verses. As will be the case with this album, the vocal melody is incredibly creative and memorable. The bridge doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the song, at least at first, but repeated listens can remedy that.

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